Sunday, 2 February 2014

My miracle boy

Worshipping in church this morning with my hand in my son's hand, I was reminded again of how miraculous his being my son is.

We were singing this beautiful song about faith to walk on waters, and keeping our eyes above the waves in the midst of a storm, and I was reminded of the impossible situation we faced back in 2007, when adoption from South Africa to the UK was virtually impossible but it was what God had called me to do three years earlier, when He introduced me to the Little Prince.

The only way I could get through that time was to keep my eyes firmly fixed on Jesus's face and shut my ears to the storm raging around with voices telling me I was trying to do the impossible. And to keep my faith in the One who had brought Little Prince and me together, and had seared my heart with a deep mother love for a stranger's baby boy.

If I had believed the storm voices, the joy of the last six years wouldn't have been mine; the boy who is now my heartbeat would still be in his orphanage - or might not even have survived the ensuing years. Thank God that He had a better plan for us...